Understanding TVET In Africa


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This book makes a strong case for the promotion of technical and vocational education and training(TVET) in Africa. It is a collection of selected journal articles on TVET and public lectures delivered by the author in several African countries, including Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. In a simple and clear language, the book explains the role of TVET in producing the skilled workforce that African countries need for industrialization and transformation of their economies. It spells out strategies and policy actions that need to be implemented by key stakeholders in government and industry to derive the full economic benefits of investing in TVET, which include decent livelihoods for the youth, community wellbeing, sustainable economic growth, and protection of the environment. The topics treated in the book range from modernizing traditional apprenticeships in the informal economy to higher level TVET education in polytechnics and technical universities in Africa. The book will therefore be useful reading and reference material for policy and decision makers in education and training systems, TVET system managers, students, TVET researchers, and parents, as well as persons interested in understanding TVET provision and its critical role in national socioeconomic development. 

Author: G.M. Afeti  

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