Tragic Tales From Shakespeare


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Tragic Tales From Shakespeare

The study of Classics in English language is incomplete without reading of the shakespeare's

plays. Tragic Tales From Shakespeare is an attempt to make the young students familiar with the plays of the greatest dramatist English language has ever produced.

The book contains four great tragedies of Shakespeare (i) King Lear, (ii) Hamlet, (iii) Romeo and Juliet and (iv) Macbeth. All tragedies portray heroic characters who fell in the end due to one great flaw in their characters. Only Romeo and Juliet has the storyof star-crossed lovers who met a tragic end due to chance, cirumstances and a malevolent fate. Lear suffered due to his inability to judge characters and a weakness for flattery.

Hamlet, a man who thought too much, was indecisive and unable to act promptly. Macbeth met a tragic end due to his overweening ambitoin.

The stories have been simplified to encourage clear understanding and appreciation and finally enjoyment.

Author : Charles Baker

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