The Rescue


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Abena was a young girl who felt that no one cared about her or loved her. On several occasions, she tried to commit suicide, but the urge to live still remained in her. Finally, she
made up her mind to end it all by throwing herself down from the third floor of a school block. But her friend Esther saw her just in time! Abo was in his small backyard garden when Mensima, a student he had known for only a few weeks, came by. He turned to look at her in a certain way, but that look was the mistake he made that day. "I shouldn't have turned to look, he recalls, for she left a picture on my mind, which became a snare for me". Abo's fascinating story, told in detail and with suspense, will captivate you and make you wise about how not to be led astray by people you come into contact with.


 Author: Lawrence Darmani

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