The Boneshaker Politician


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The Boneshaker Politician is an auto-biography of A.K Opoku. He narrates how he gave his life to Christ in a dramatic way while travelling in a boneshaker, a wooden truck. He recounts how the Lord used him by way of evangelism and church building and his involvement in an uncompromising undercover politics in the church. With all his 'boneshaker' experience, he entered into politics and discovers that it was a different world altogether and bemoans the high moral and financial entry requirements required of a Christian  to engage in active politics. He raises question as to whether exhortations to get Christians involved in active politics is enough. He concludes with his family life and marvels at the art of God where four children of the same parentage and breed have our different characters and ambitions. 

Author: Alfred Kwasi Opoku

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