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The kingdom of heaven is like a palm tree flourishing in the forest. When the farmer observes it in his farm, he will weed around it, put manure in the ground, and wait till it bears fruits. He will then start harvesting, from the roots to the palm fronds. And when the palm tree dies, behold, even more fruits shall it bear. The meaning of this parable about the palm tree would have been a hot subject for theological wrangling and academic debate, says the author. But for him, who grew up among palm trees and ate their fruits and used their many parts, the meaning of such a parable would have been easy to understand. He explains that the palm tree is life; the forest is this world; weeding and manuring is the process of living a fruitful life on earth in the fear of the Lord; harvesting from the roots to the palm fronds shows how every aspect of life can be productive if surrendered and dedicated to the service of God! Palm Tree Parables is full of such inspirational stories and heart- warming ideas. These parables are true to life, easy to read, and highly motivational, showing how everyday events hold great lessons for our personal growth. 

Author: Lawrence Darmani

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