My African Journey


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During the fifteen months which I spent as a political prisoner in Ghana, from January 1972 to March 1973, I had the enforced opportunity to reflect on the many problems appertaining to the welfare and future of Africa generally, especially her relationship with the rest of the world. The more I thought about these subjects, the greater became my conviction that many areas of Afro-global relations were shrouded in a thick fog of misunderstanding and confusion. Some clarification had to be made, I thought, if for no other reason but to ensure that future generations of African politicians do not repeat the mistakes which we, the earlier generation had unwittingly or wittingly committed. Also it was essential that white people (Europeans and Americans) were given as truthful and correct an insight and assessment of some of the problems of Africans, so that they would be better equipped in their business and political transactions with Africans. 

Author: Joseph Godson Amamoo

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