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The story of Ivanhoe is set in England during the last years of the reign of King Richard the First. He reigned from A.D. 1157 - 1199. King Richard had gained the name Lion Heart for his bravery in battle, especially, the Crusades or the Holy War. The Crusades were a series of battles spread over many years when the Christian armies of Europe fought to recover the holy land of Palestine -- the birthplace of Jesus Christ.

Ivanhoe presents a brilliant picture of medieval life at the time when the Norman conquuerors and the Saxon conquerors were beginning to merge into a nation. Among the historical and legendary figures are Richard , the Lion Hearted, his brother Prince John, and the Popular hero Robin Hood.

The great scenes of the tournament, the storming of the castle, and the trial by medieval life is depicted, including the famous Sherwood Forest and the monasteries.

It is exciting story of love, treachery, fighting, and enmity.

Author: Sir Walter Scottt

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