Introduction To Leadership (Reloaded)


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Introduction to leadership is a leadership book designed for the preparation of the
minds of people as a guide, in choosing leaders for various capacities of services in our
modern society. Most times, people places others or themselves into leadership positions through elections, appointments, or promotions without considering the realities of leadership. This Book, "Introduction to Leadership, Reloaded" is a well-equipped leadership
material to enlighten both aspirants, incumbents, and societies at large on how one can lead successfully, in fulfilments of purposes and realities of leadership. The book, unveils some indispensable qualities required of every leader in a society. It continues to open the eyes of the people (the society) to know what to do before they can have the leader they need towards any significant development and progress of the human society. Some basic principles shared in the book are multi-applicable, as it touches on various aspects of leadership classes and scopes in the daily leadership encounters.

Author: Charles Papa Kofi Dekyi Koomson

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