Heaven Will Judge Her Differently


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Heaven Will Judge Her Differently

Amma Owusuaa's wish to continue her education after Middle School was thwarted because she was given out as a maid in payment of a loan her father failed to pay. That was the same day her results were released and she passed with distinction. Amma was raped by her master and suffered another affliction of pain on her womanhood when she ran away and stayed with Yaa Birago. Amma ran away again but just as she thought she had found Love, another disaster struck which left her with no option but to seek revenge. She found out too late that revenge has its own way of taking her in its ruinous stride. But there's someone she found, JESUS, who made her go in search of atonement and restitution.

Author: Akosua Gyamfuaa-Fofie

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