First Term Surprises


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Kukua can't believe what she sees when she goes to the internet café to check
her BECE results. Aggregate 14? What happened to the Ten Ones she worked hard for?
And when the postings arrive and she realizes she's been sent to her third-choice school, she feels completely devastated. Where is this Eternity Senior High School
anyway? But when courage overrides frustration, Kukua packs reluctantly and arrives at Eternity, the school on the hill along the beach road. It is here that a series of surprises welcome her throughout the first term. The biggest surprise of all is Samira, the girl Kukua meets who has a bigger-than-life story. Can a baby be thrown away at birth and still manage to grow up and enter senior high school? Surely, first term in the senior high school is full of surprises!

Author: Lawrence Darmani

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