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Feeling Good!.

Since today's women want to live longer and better, it is imperative for us to learn how to protect our health, as well as preventing the possible disorders and diseases typical of our gender and age. Through the perusal of this book, you will be able to learn how to live a second youth, how to feel free enjoy every new stage in life. Following the basic health principles presented in this book you will be able to achieve a feeling of well-being and a sensation of physical, mental, social and spiritual fullness. To that end, information, exercises and practical counsels are provided. By means of breast self-examination, and the carrying out of certain tests it is possible to detect such serious problems as a breast cancer at an early stage. By doing so, not only can you maintain your physical integrity avoiding radical surgery, but preserve the most important thing of all: life itself.

Author: Lidia La Macia

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