Deviant Girl


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Sixteen year old Okaikor is a school drop-out. She decides to pursue a career in canoe sea fishing. Okaikor's father, Nii Anum is the woleiatse of Nubunaa, a fishing village beyond Accra. Nii Anum protested that since the dawn of history, and at Nubunaa, no woman or girl had ever ventured to go on any fishing expedition on the high seas. He further revealed that the punishment for any woman or girl who defies the status quo was instant death, by Mami-ata. Okaikor argued that the so called "taboo" was a figment of the imagination of their ancestors who introduced it to scare women, and for that matter, girls from going fishing on the highs. Nii Anum defies the odds and give in to his daughter's request. In due course Okaikor falls in love with Wang Yu, a Chinese tuna fishing trawler owner operating from Tema. The Chinese introduces Okaikor and her crew member to all sorts of illegal activities. One thing leads to another until "the law" catches up with the gang.

Author: Samuel Nii Ashie Nikoi

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