Chocolate And The Blue Sky


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Imagine traveling halfway across the world and staying in someone's home in Japan. You would be baffled by the difle customs. You will be called kordei-san. or Kwcku-chan, rather than just by your name. You will miss fufu and soup, but may find yourself enjoying oden. Remember to take your sleeping cloth with you just in case you find it strange resting between the futos mattresses and covers. The language barrier will be frustrating.
Please be mindful, therefore of the fact that Eric Kofi Mamphey is making a valiant effort to speak Japanese. All conversation is taking place in Japanese, which is why he speaks haltingly especially in the earlier episodes. The narrative voice is Shuji's, a 5th grade boy. Put yourself in his shoes. Whenever Eric-san speaks in English, Shuji comprehends it only as an unfamiliar sequence of sounds. That is why certain phrases are expressed the way he hears them, rather than spelled out properly. Apart from narrating, Shuji often thinks to himself. These thoughts are italicized, distinguishing them from what he says out loud.

Author: Kaoru Horigome

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