Broken Dream


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Everyone has a dream, and John Karim, a final year JHS student at the village of Nyalo-Kpe, has a dream of becoming a lawyer in future. But his parents who are peasant farmers,
scarcely earn a living from the land, and cannot even afford to send him to the senior high school. He must learn a trade instead, they conclude. Karim is unhappy and runs away to Accra to seek greener pastures with the aim of continuing his education. Unfortunately, he falls into the hands of a fabulously rich lady drug dealer who makes him her lover, with the promise of sending him to school. But Angela Ayeley is apprehended at the Kotoka International Airport when she and her accomplices try to smuggle cocaine into Europe.
Karim's dream come crashing down once again when he and Angela's gatekeeper are charged with aiding and a betting crime, and must face the wrath of a stern judge in court.

Author: Joel Borboryoe

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