A Brother Indeed


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"Blood is always thicker than water", is an old-age axiom but Tetteh learns this almost too late. Born the younger of two brothers in a family, he embraces a stranger and refuses to have anything to do with his older brother due to a feud over land and property. Then comes the intervention of a wise old woman who points out to him the need to reconcile with his only brother. Though initially reluctant and outright dismissive of the old lady's piece of advice, a strange event causes him to make a U-turn by embracing and testing the old lady's advice. Will Tetteh and his only brother reconcile once again when the stranger he trusts so much fails to come to his aid when the chips are down?

This is an intriguing story of siblings' machinations, greed, and selfishness that cause discord between two brothers from the same womb.

Author: Joel Borboryoe


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